AFI Quick Quiz: Hanna Mangan-Lawrence

Hanna Mangan-Lawrence makes a striking impression in Jon Hewitt’s latest film ‘X’. In teeny tiny denim shorts and wedge heels, she’s a runaway teen, walking the streets of Sydney’s Kings Cross for her first night on the job. It was always going to be a difficult evening for her, but when she works a threesome with an older world-weary hooker (played by Viva Bianca), the two of them witness a crime and are pursued by some crazy criminal monsters into a night of hell.
In this seedy world of  sex for sale, Hanna Mangan-Lawrence’s performance shines. She maintains a knowing innocence and unspoilt beauty that’s perfect for the role. At just 19 years of age, the young actress already has an impressive list of film and television credits to her name. Starting out in short films, her standout performance was in Sexy Thing, which was accepted into the Cannes Film Festival. She was then cast in the lead role of ‘Chasely’ in Jon Hewitt’s feature Acolytes, and went on to feature in Nash Edgerton’s The Square and star in Kriv Stenders’ Lucky Country.
Hanna is best known for her role in ABC Television’s Bed of Roses, for which she received a 2008 AFI nomination for Best Supporting Actress, and a TV Week Logie nomination for the Graham Kennedy Award for Most Outstanding New Talent in 2009. Next year we’ll see her in Broken Hill-shot feature film Thirst, written and directed by Robert Carter,  and starring alongside Victoria Haralabidou and Myles Pollard.
Here are Hanna Mangan-Lawrence’s answers to the AFI Quick Quiz.*

The AFI Quick Quiz:

Q. What is your favourite word? Holiday!

Q. What is your least favourite word? Pigeons.

Q. What turns you on? People who make me laugh.

Q. What turns you off? Bad tattoos.

Q. What sound or noise do you love? The ocean.

Q. What sound or noise do you hate? LMFAO.

Q. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Maybe I’d be a journalist.

Q. What profession would you not like to do? Horse trainer.

Q. The last film or DVD you watched? J. Edgar.

Q. The film that changed you and why? Lost in Translation. It made me excited to see the world.

Q. Your guilty television pleasure? Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Q. Complete this sentence: The thing I love about working in the Australian film and television industry is… It’s like a big family and you’re always running into people you know.

Q. Three key mentors who’ve inspired or helped you?

  • My parents.
  • Kerry Armstrong.
  • Arthur Lawrence.

‘X’ is in limited release from 24 November, 2011.

Viva Bianca and Hanna Mangan-Lawrence in 'X'

Walking the streets of Kings Cross. Viva Bianca and Hanna Mangan-Lawrence in 'X'

*The AFI Quick Quiz is a version of the Bernard Pivot Questionnaire. Bernard Pivot is a journalist, interviewer and host of French cultural television programs. He developed a list of questions based on Proust’s famous questionnaire. This then formed the basis of James Lipton’s questions to actors on American cable television program Inside the Actors Studio. Now the AFI has its own version. We hope you enjoy it!

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