AFI Quick Quiz: Tim Ferguson

Tim Ferguson’s website is called The Cheeky Monkey and it’s a fittting title for this widely acclaimed comedian, writer and producer. With his impudent grin he’s imediately recognisable – whether you remember him from comedy trio Doug Anthony Allstars (DAAS – with Paul McDermott and Richard Fidler) or from his Logie-winning television show Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush. Or perhaps you saw him prancing around in bondage underwear as Franknfurter in the record-breaking Sydney production of The Rocky Horror Show. Then again, there was also that stint as a political candidate for the seat of Kooyong in Melbourne…

A writer of opinion pieces for various newspapers, Tim wrote the bestselling political satire Left, Right and Centre  and the comedy manual The Cheeky Monkey – Writing Narrative Comedy. He currently lectures in comedy screenwriting at the RMIT University School of Media & Communications in Melbourne, and from the looks of his responses to our quiz, he still enjoys having a dig at the other side of politics.

Here are Tim Ferguson’s answers to the AFI Quick Quiz.*

The AFI Quick Quiz:



Q. What is your favorite word?‘Fecund’.

Q. What is your least favourite word? ‘Conservative’.

Q. What turns you on? Seeing a joke I’ve written work.

Q. What turns you off? Suicidal smack junkie Social Realism films. The Social Realism genre is proof the writer had no ideas worth inventing.

Q. What sound or noise do you love? The lamentation of my enemy’s women.

Q. What sound or noise do you hate? The bells, the bells, the bells…

Q. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Obviously my true calling is Liturgical Interpretive Dance. Or Accountancy.

Q. What profession would you not like to do? Nappy-changer for the Young Liberals – they’d take it for granted.

Q. The last film or DVD you watched? Two & A Half Men. It is genius. Seriously. Deal with it.

Q. The film that changed you and why? Star Wars. It proved to me that one teenager can make a difference if he can move things with his mind.

Q. Your guilty television pleasure? I never feel guilty about watching television.

Q. Complete this sentence: The thing I love about working in the Australian film and television industry is… all the free time it allows me.

Q. Three key mentors who’ve inspired or helped you?

  • Marc Gracie (Producer of Shock Jock/The Craic).
  • Peter Abbott (Producer of Big Brother/Top Gear Australia).
  • John Hooker (Author of Jacob’s Season/The Bush Soldiers).

To find out more about Tim Ferguson, visit his website The Cheeky Monkey.

*The AFI Quick Quiz is a version of the Bernard Pivot Questionnaire. Bernard Pivot is a journalist, interviewer and host of French cultural television programs. He developed a list of questions based on Proust’s famous questionnaire. This then formed the basis of James Lipton’s questions to actors on American cable television program Inside the Actors Studio. Now the AFI has its own version. We hope you enjoy it!

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