Driving the Zippy Little Car: Welcome to the AFI Blog!

What is a blog anyway? You may be surprised at how many people still ask this question (and some of them are Generation Y, believe it or not). For those who don’t consider themselves ‘online natives’, the best way of explaining it is to say that a blog is website that’s updated regularly, like a diary. Small, fast and cost-effective, it’s like a zippy little car that speeds past the lumbering truck that is a website. As much as we love our AFI website (and it remains a wonderful resource), it really is a bit of a beast, especially when you’re trying to drive fast or take a sharp corner. And to stretch the metaphor that little bit further, it doesn’t take passengers or allow for feedback from you, our dear readers.

Which brings us to the AFI blog. Operating as an add-on to our website, we’re going to use this space to bring you fresh content in a way that’s interactive, personal and hot off the presses. We’ll be gradually migrating a lot of our fortnightly e-news over to the blog, which will be updated several times a week, with stories, interviews, reviews and clips from the Australian screen world. Over the coming months, new segments will be introduced, like the ‘Why I Adore’ series, inviting fans and experts to rave about their favourite scenes or characters in Australian film and television. There will also be the opportunity for guest posts from key players within the industry, film festival reports, and a behind-the-scenes diary demystifying the annual AFI Awards process.

So welcome to the AFI Blog. We’re still testing out the gears and revving up the engine, but we look forward to having you drive with us.

Rochelle Siemienowicz
AFI Editor