About Us

Founded in 1958, the AFI is Australia’s foremost screen culture organisation. The AFI has promoted Australian film and television for 50 years, and is responsible for producing Australia’s premier film and television awards, the annual AFI Awards.

The AFI plays a central role in connecting the Australian film and television industry with audiences. The AFI holds a number of events each year, culminating in the prestigious AFI Awards in December. The AFI Awards recognise and celebrate excellence in Australian film and television production.

The AFI is a membership-based not-for-profit organisation, and every person that joins the AFI supports the Australian film and television industry. In addition, AFI members receive exclusive access to AFI events, services and discounts throughout the year. AFI professional members also receive access to the annual AFI Awards Screenings, which showcase the films in competition for the AFI Awards. Most importantly, AFI members vote for Australia’s best films, which are then awarded at the AFI Awards in December.

  • The history of the AFI is available here
  • Join the AFI here
  • Learn more about the AFI Awards here
  • To view a full listing of past winners click here

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