Video Interviews with Winners in the Media Room

What a night it was! Whether you watched the broadcast of the inaugural Samsung AACTA Awards Ceremony on the Nine Network on Tuesday 31 January, or whether you were lucky enough to be in attendance at the Sydney Opera House, there was entertainment in abundance – the fabulous spectacle of the red carpet, musical numbers by some of Australia’s finest entertainers, and a terric Afterparty blessed with only an exciting sprinkle of rain.

But of course at the heart of it all, the reason for the Ceremony’s very existence, were the awards themselves – the announcement of this year’s winners. Congratulations again to all the winners of the inaugural Samsung AACTA Awards.

Back stage, the winners were escorted to the media room where they spoke to journalists and had their official photographs taken.

These interviews on the media room stage were sometimes breathless (there are a lot of stairs in the Sydney Opera House!), candid, and offered a great chance for the winners to talk in more depth about the characters and shows they brought to our screens in the past year. It’s well worth a visit to our YouTube site to see these interviews with the winners and click through to the ones you’re most interested in. Here’s just a taste, with an interview with Best Lead Actor winner Daniel Henshall, who picked up the AACTA Award for his performance in the grimly impressive Snowtown.

For more interviews, check out the Australian Film Institute | AACTA Youtube site.

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