AFIciaonados – Your Choice, Your Voice…

Now that the six nominees for the AFI Members’ Choice Award have been decided, we’ve been calling all AFI film aficionados* to submit a 200 word max response on why you thought these films were Australia’s best.

*aficiaonado – a person who likes, knows about, and appreciates a usually fervently pursued interest or activity.


In the countdown to the announcement of the winner of the AFI Members’ Choice Award on 15 January at the Samsung AACTA Awards Luncheon, presented by Digital Pictures, we have been profiling two of the six nominated films per week on our blog, along with the best member responses on why you voted for them. This week we’re profiling Mad Bastards and Oranges and Sunshine.


Mad Bastards

Mad Bastards

Mad Bastards

Mad Bastards…poignant and powerful, set to the playful Pigram Brothers’ lively tunes!
– AFI member Phil Lesley, NSW.

“Dean Dayley-Jones is remarkable as T.J. He brings humour and pathos to this broken character and reaffirms the remarkable power of self-discovery. Mad Bastards is well worth watching!”
– AFI member Jane Deans, ACT.


Oranges and Sunshine

Oranges and Sunshine

Oranges and Sunshine

Oranges and Sunshine is a beautiful rendition of a heartwarming story about the vision and compassion of an exceptional woman. Wenham, Watson and Weaving are truly magnificent. It is another priceless period piece from the talented producers of The King’s Speech.
– AFI member Mary Edwards, VIC.

“Putting the spotlight on a rarely discussed aspect of Australian and British colonial history, Oranges and Sunshine tells a horrifying story with sensitivity and avoids all sensationalism.  Emily Watson gives an understated, yet powerful performance in the lead role and she is surrounded by an outstanding support cast. Particularly, Hugo Weaving, who shines in a heart-breaking performance that’s his best in years. The film doesn’t provide an easy catharsis and closure, but it still comes to a conclusion that leaves its mark on the viewer.
– AFI member Simone Richards, NSW.

Next week we’ll be lavishing love on Red Dog and Snowtown. Don’t miss out on winning a DVD pack of the top six Best Film Nominees for the AFI Audience Choice Award, send in your response today!

Entry Details:
Submit your entry (along with your AFI member number, full name and state in the subject line) to
**Conditions apply: in order to have your response published you need to be an active  AFI member and be willing to have your full name and state disclosed on the AFI Blog **
Thanks to Icon Entertainment and Paramount Pictures for providing DVD copies of the films for our lucky winners!

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