AFIciaonados – Your Choice, Your Voice…

Now that the six nominees for the AFI Members’ Choice Award have been decided, we’ve been calling all AFI film aficionados* to submit a 200 word max response on why you thought these films were Australia’s best.

*aficiaonado – a person who likes, knows about, and appreciates a usually fervently pursued interest or activity.


In the countdown to the announcement of the winner of the AFI Members’ Choice Award on 15 January at the Samsung AACTA Awards Luncheon, presented by Digital Pictures, we will be profiling two of the six nominated films per week on our blog, along with the best member responses on why you voted for them. This week we’re profiling The Eye of the Storm and The Hunter.

The Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm

“The real feeling in this film was conveyed by the slowing down of the pace of the film to match the dying mother. Geoffrey Rush played the role of the greedy son to perfection.”
– AFI member Monica Jacomb, VIC.

“You could hardly get together a more sterling cast for an Australian film than The Eye of the Storm. Judy Davis, Geoffrey Rush and Charlotte Rampling all deliver brilliantly nuanced performances under the assured hand of Fred Schepisi’s direction. Add to that some outstanding production and costume design that evokes both 1970s Sydney and an aristocratic world gone by, and you’ve got a costume drama that can stand up to the best of its British cousins.”
– AFI member Michael Stokes, QLD.

The Hunter

The Hunter

“With its stunning cinematography, sweeping shots and spine-tingling vistas The Hunter captures the sublimity of the Tasmanian wilderness with poignancy and panache.”
– AFI member Lucy Manning, NSW.

“Loved it! It was moving, engaging and beautiful to watch. What wonderful performances by a suite of great actors! I’d like to give particular mention to the two youngsters, Morgana Davies and Finn Woodlock…superb!”
– AFI member Jim Trawley, WA.

Next week we’ll be lavishing love on Mad Bastards and Oranges and Sunshine. Don’t miss out on winning a DVD pack of the top six Best Film Nominees for the AFI Audience Choice Award, send in your response today!

Entry Details:
Submit your entry (along with your AFI member number, full name and state in the subject line) to
**Conditions apply: in order to have your response published you need to be an active  AFI member and be willing to have your full name and state disclosed on the AFI Blog **
Thanks to Madman Entertainment and Paramount Pictures for providing DVD copies of the films for our lucky winners!

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