Congratulations to the Non Feature Nominees for the Inaugural Samsung AACTA Awards

Last week (on Wednesday, 30 August) the first Nominees for the inaugural Samsung AACTA Awards were revealed  –  the nominees for Best Feature Length Documentary, Best Short Animation, Best Short Fiction Film. You can read about these films, and find production notes for them, over here on the AACTA website, but just as a reminder, here they are listed again. Congratulations to all those involved in these productions.

The Nominees are:


  • Life In Movement. Sophie Hyde, Bryan Mason
  • Mrs Carey’s Concert. Bob Connolly, Helen Panckhurst, Sophie Raymond
  • Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure. Sophie Hyde, Matthew Bate
  • The Tall Man. Darren Dale


  • Forget Me Not. Emily Dean
  • The Missing Key. Garth Nix, Anna McFarlane, Jonathan Nix
  • The Moment. Justin Wight, Kristian Moliere, Troy Bellchambers, Shane McNeil
  • Nullarbor. Alister Lockhart, Patrick Sarell, Katrina Mathers, Merrin Jensen, Daryl Munton


  • Adam’s Tallit. Justin Olstein, Marie Maroun
  • Cropped. Bettina Hamilton, Dave Wade
  • The Palace. Kate Croser, Anthony Maras, Andros Achilleos
  • The Telegram Man. James F. Khehite, Victoria Wharfe McIntyre
AACTA and AFI members, as well as the film loving general public will be able to see these films on the big screen (along with the 23 Feature Films in Competition) at the Samsung AFI | AACTA Festival of Film, to be held in Sydney and Melbourne from 6 October to 14 November. The winners will be announced at the inaugural Samsung AACTA Awards to be held in Sydney in January 2012.

In subsequent blog posts we’ll look at each of the three categories, and showcase clips, posters, film stills and extra information on each of the nominated titles.

Tomorrow, we’ll take a closer look at the nominated Feature Length Documentaries. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Congratulations to the Non Feature Nominees for the Inaugural Samsung AACTA Awards

    • Hi Linda, that is not true at all! You certainly do count, and if you’re an AFI | AACTA member you will receive screening passes to Australian films throughout the year and have access, shortly, to the nominated short fiction films and short animation on AFI TV. Sadly, due to financial restrictions, our Screenings program has been confined to Sydney and Melbourne for the past few years, but your votes still count, and we keep all states in mind in our communications. Thanks for your comment.

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