Launched! The Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts (AACTA)

The new Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts has been launched with fanfare, overlooking the stunning Sydney Opera House – which will be the iconic venue for the Inaugural Samsung AACTA Awards in January 2012.

Also announced, the identity of the founding President of AACTA, Mr Geoffrey Rush. The beautiful new statuette has also been unveiled, held aloft, and much admired.

We’ve also announced the 23 Feature Films in competition. For more information about all of these developments, visit the sparkling new website:

In the meantime, watch this gorgeous three-minute video highlights package from Thursday night’s celebrations. Join in the party. Here’s to a brand new era!

One thought on “Launched! The Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts (AACTA)

  1. Congratulations on the Launch of the AACTA. I am a huge fan of Australian film , arts and culture. Even though I have never traveled far out of my home in Santa Barbara California.
    I am also a tremendous fan of Australias greatest artistic export. Mr. President himself, Geoffrey Rush. His hosting of the AFI awards drew me into the wonderful Aussi film world. About the quest to name “This Little baby” (referring to Beautiful new award statuette) I propose naming it a “RUSHIE”. With Geoffrey’s career in the theatre and cinema spanning over 40 yrs. and having been the first Australian to win an “Oscar” . I think it not boastful to name the award after him. I believe that any nominee or recipient of an AACTA “Rushie” would know that they have truely achieved an accolade of the highest caliber. ..Try it on for size:
    “I want to thank the Academy, I am honored to win a “Rushie” He will be put in a place of honor , right next to my AFI and Helpmann Awards” 🙂 If modesty prohibits a greenlight on that. Might I recommend calling it an “ACE” as in “What an honor to be nominated for an AACTA ‘ACE’ AWARD. These are just suggestions. Although I am not from the land of Oz. I will be watching and am filled with excitement for this new chapter of recognition for Australia in the ARTS, CINEMA, AND TELEVISION industry. The Trailer has all the bells and whistles of the Oscars. Well done to all those involved in making it happen.
    Please forward:
    This messege goes directely to AACTA President Geoffrey Rush
    -Thank you for all your years of hard work and dedication to your craft. You are such an inspiration not only to me personally but all your fans ands self proclaimed “Rushies” We love so much and are so immensely proud of you and all your accomplishments. I will be writing you very soon.
    God Bless you
    Gloria Pardo
    aka @gmirp on twitter
    and gpfirth101 on youtube
    but my real friends call me g-lo.

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