Reviews Wrap

A taste of what the reviewers said this about this week’s Australian releases…

Griff the InvisibleGriff the Invisible Key Art
The sweetly odd superhero romance got the thumbs up from At the Movies host Margaret Pomeranz, who was almost moved to tears, saying “this film is a rarity in this country, it’s a romance, and it’s a beautiful one.” David Stratton wasn’t quite so affected, but admitted to warming to the film, especially the standout performance by Maeve Dermody. Giles Hardie over at the Age writes that “Griff The Invisible‘s greatest superpower is to reclaim the word quirky for the forces of good”, while Empire’s Zach Gibson likes the fact that the film’s love story goes deeper than lycra. The Vine’s Clem Bastow offers an insightful and rather lovely four star review, describing Griff as “an exploration of the collision between dreams and delusions, between loneliness and love.”

The Reef
Andrew Traucki’s shark-attack thriller struck all the right notes with reviewers, who may never go snorkelling again. Filmink’s Erin Free called it “a tidy excercise in minimalist terror, proving that you don’t need much money to create a piece of cinema that really works.” Luke Buckmaster over at Cinetology describes the film as “an unnerving winner: tense, twitchy and frighteningly entertaining.” Julie Rigg, from Radio National’s Movie Time has special praise for the film’s actors and the challenges they faced working at water level.

A Heartbeat Away
A brass band, a country town, and father-son conflict that all climaxes in a musical competition – A Heartbeat Away may find its audience in fans of films like Brassed Off but reviews have been lukewarm so far. The Sydney Morning Herald’s Sandra Hall nevertheless gave the film three stars, and writes that Edwards “brings a theatrically ornate style to the job with an emphasis on backlighting and the use of the soulful montage.” Empire’s Ed Gibbs also gives three stars, but notes the “respectable cast does enjoy the ride, but isn’t sufficiently stretched.”

Have you seen any of these films? What did you think? Want to point us to your own reviews or blogs? Feel free to do so, and discussion is welcome, but imagine you’re at the cinema: throw jaffas at the screen or crush ice-cream into the seats and we’ll usher you out.

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